What Every Beginner Needs In Their Makeup Kit?

Makeup Kit for Beginners

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We know your busy schedule and routine. Being working women isn’t an easy job. You have to do multiple tasks. But wait beauty is the most important aspect so do basic makeup products for beginners are. Both inner and outer beauty is the key to enhance personality traits. For inner beauty, stay fit, eat healthy and be in the circle of positive people. Keep learning and be personalized.

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In this blog post, Zarmis Beauty will teach you about, How to make quick makeup kit with all the essential makeup products. You need to carry your kit always either in office or on a trip. So, we will guide you what are the basics of makeup for beginners.

Ultimate Makeup Kit for Beginners with Zarmis Beauty

Below mentioned are the makeup product steps along with guidance.

Let’s find, what every beginner needs in their makeup kit?

Makeup Kit for Beginners:

Check out the basic makeup products list of all the essentials. These are the best makeup products
used by any makeup beginner or you can say all time makeup solution. Get the below mentioned list from Zarmis Beauty Shop.

How to Apply Makeup for Beginners?

As you’re set with your shopping list of makeup products, let’s learn how to do makeup for beginners with basic makeup products for beginners. We’ve created this simple step-by-step makeup tutorial for beginners.

Step 1 : Put Some Primer:

Apply a light layer of primer across your entire face after applying a sufficient amount of moisturizer to smooth your skin and prepare it for foundation. Face primers are a beauty must-have since they help you create a smooth and even base for applying your face makeup products. Makeup primers also extend the life of your makeup by ensuring that the various cosmetic products you add on top do not budge, smear, or fade away over the day.

Step 2 : Apply The Foundation:

It’s time to apply foundation now. Begin by applying a tiny quantity to your beauty blender. Apply gently on your face, adding more as required. Now that your canvas is set, apply foundation to get a beautiful, even complexion. Use a foundation with medium to buildable coverage that you can use for both an everyday, natural finish and a full-coverage appearance as a beginning.

Step 3  : Use Concealer

If you wish to disguise any dark spots/patches or unpleasant pimples, carefully dab a light glob onto the affected region. When your skin needs a little additional help and you need to conceal your blemishes and under eye bags, apply a concealer to easily eliminate these troublesome areas. Look for a lightweight composition that does not leave your skin feeling heavy and oily.

Step 4 : Face Powder

You should use pressed powder to set your face makeup. Loose powders are wonderful for creating a blurred, airbrushed effect, but they may be messy when applied incorrectly, which is why we recommend include a pressed or compact powder in your makeup bag.

Step 5 : Make Your Brows

Brows are an essential element of our beauty process. We adore sculpted, fluffy, full brows, which are simplest to accomplish with a nice eyebrow pencil or gel. Brush upwards and fill in any little gaps with pencil strokes.  Eyebrows that are well defined not only frame your face but may also make or break your cosmetic appearance.

Step 6 : Eyeshadow

For beginners, a neutral eyeshadow palette is your must have cosmetic product. They include all of the colours you need to create easy makeup looks that are adaptable and fail-safe.

Before you go into any colorful or smoky eye makeup, make sure you’ve mastered the art of blending with neutral colours. Begin with a lighter colour and brush it across your entire eyelid. To enhance definition to your eyes, use a little deeper hue midway into your lash line and blend outwards. We recommend adding an eyeshadow palette with a decent mix of mattes and shimmers in subtle and strong hues to your beginner’s cosmetic kit.

Step 7 : Eyeliner

A basic winged eye is an excellent complement to a beginner’s makeup regimen. Begin at the inner corner of your eye and work your way outward, forming a thicker line on the edge. We understand that creating a strong winged eyeliner look is difficult, but as a cosmetic newbie, mastering eyeliner to your lash line may make a tremendous impact. If you are not yet comfortable with liquid eyeliner, you can use sketch pen eyeliners or pencil eyeliners. The traditional Kajal is a simple substitute for this makeup tool. This is a must-have regardless of your makeup talents.

Step 8 : Mascara

Mascara is an absolute essential for cosmetics newbies. Either to make eye look bold or to make it denser, Mascara is a must to add makeup product. It enhances any eye makeup appearance by extending, volumizing, and curling lashes.

Step 9 : Contour

Sculpting and shaping your natural features is a simple approach to add dimension to your appearance. Using a contour to generate shadows and carve out your facial features is the next stage in adding depth and complexity to your face. Contour sticks are an essential cosmetic product for beginners because they allow you to manage how much product you apply to your face. Creamy contour sticks are also simple to mix and ideal for creating delicate makeup looks.

Step 10 : Blush

Blushes are another must-have cosmetic item for restoring colour to your face. After applying your base makeup, your face may appear flat and dull. Adding blush to the apples of your cheeks gives your skin a natural-looking glow and improves your appearance. We recommend investing in a blush palette when making a customized cosmetic kit so you may experiment with different tones and mix and match colours to produce a genuinely unique tint that flatters your features.

Step 11 : Lipstick

Finish your appearance with a basic lip color. Beginner makeup does not have to be boring; for the last stage, add a bold lip shade to your appearance. As of different types of lipstick, it can be difficult for a beginner to choose the correct lipstick formula, colour, and texture. We recommend include two lip makeup products in your beauty kit: a creamy matte lipstick in a bullet style for everyday usage and a bright liquid lipstick for special occasions.

Step 12 : Fix Your Makeup with Spray

This beauty product is necessary to ensure that all of your hard work remains in place & intact until the end of the day. Use a beauty setting spray at the conclusion of your makeup application to guarantee that your look stays in place all day.

Important Makeup Tools:

Now that your makeup kit is ready with the top 12 beauty products, you need to add a few tools to your kit to apply these must have makeup products to your face. Further important addition to your beauty kit includes Beauty Sponge and some makeup brushes for a flawless makeup application every time.

Must have makeup brushes are:

  • Brushes for foundation and concealer
  • Setting powder and blush using a powder brush
  • For your eyeshadow crease shade, use a fluffy crease brush.
  • For eyelid shading, use a flat eyeshadow brush.
  • For the outer corner of your eyelid, use a small, thick blending brush.

You have now built your very own customized cosmetics kit. We guess, it wasn’t tough at all rather it was a worth it investment. Right!!! We hope we have provided the necessary information of makeup products steps with makeup products needed.

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